Q: What is research administration?

A: Research administration is the provision of resources and support to guide investigators in different facets of their research. According to the the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI), research administration covers applying for funding, pre-award support, award acceptance, compliance, technology transfer, and post-award support.

Q: What is ARAA doing to strengthen research administration in Africa?

A: ARAA model is based on the need for Research Administrators in Africa to organize themselves, share experiences and accumulated knowledge in dealing with the administrative challenges. African issues are best and most effectively tackled with solutions from Africa. The development of cost effective, inclusive, and viable initiatives like the ARAA hub plays a significant role in fostering a sustainable research environment in Africa.  The purpose of the ARAA is to serve as a professional forum for Global Health Research Administrators in Africa for discussions, trainings, analysis, and benchmarking best practices as well as providing solutions to global health research and development challenges.

Q: Who can be a member of ARAA?

A: Membership in the Association shall be open to Global Health Research administrators, Investigators, Protocol Regulatory teams, Clinical research teams, and students of any nationality who are interested or actively engaged in Global Health research or Research Administration issues that relate in any aspect to Africa. Read more in Article VI of the ARAA Constitution.

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