ARAA 2nd Annual Meeting report – November 3-5, 2010 Kampala, Uganda

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breakfast and Networking

Agenda review and list of attendees ,   Mr. H. Tumwijukye & Ms. H. Nambooze

Welcome Speech- highlights, Prof. Mary Glen Fowler

Meeting Report and updates from Inaugural meeting, C. Muiruri & H. Tumwijukye

Groups report - Networking Presentation, Mr. C. Muiruri & Mr. Isaac Kyeyune

Group report: ARAA Legal/Institutional Framework, Mr. Peter Kiwanuka

Feedback & Discussion


Group 3: Professional Development, Mr. Ahaz Kulanga

Group 4: Promotion of Africa Ownership : Key MilestonesC. Mmanda & D. Athman

Group 5: Achieving ARAA Sustainability, Mrs. Catherine Tugaineyo

Feedback & DiscussionLeaders of the working groups

Brainstorm session on looking beyond the current funding/Diversifying funding opportunities, Mrs. Christine Chuani


Guidelines for Preparing an NIH Budget, Ms. Lindy Wright – MU-JHU

Training workshops (concurrent sessions)

Room A – Basic Research Administration Principles, Mr. Ronald Kiguba

Room B – Electronic Submission of NIH GrantsDr. Mahnaz Motevalli & Ms. Stella Mirembe


Room A – IRB approvals in Resource Limited Settings: Challenges and Solutions, Mr. Paul Kutyabami, MakCHS, SHS

Room B – Human Resources challenges in research management (within a context of resource – limited settings), Mrs. Margaret Mayiga and Mrs. Catherine Tugaineyo



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breakfast and Networking

MU-JHU AITRP  PI remarks, Dr. Philippa Musoke

Milestones & recap from Day 1, Mr. Charles Muiruri & Mr. Henry Tumwijukye

Fogarty and NIH UpdatesDr. Jeanne McDermott & Ms. Rhea Hubbard -FIC/NIH

TEA BREAK and Group Photo, Mr. Isaac Kyeyune

Defining Research Administration/Welcome Trust opportunities – THRIVE, Dr. Achilles Katamba – CHSs

Role of research administration in the development of the next generation of researchers, Prof. Moses Kamya

Role of partner institutions in development of Research administrators in Africa, Dr. John D. Hamilton

IAS: Opportunities for Collaborations and Networking, Prof.  Elly Katabira

Research Administrators and Managers in Developing countries building on existing national and regional structure, Dr. Moshi Ntabaye – KCMC

Status of Research Administration in East Africa, Dr. Edward Katongole Mbidde

Suggestions on possible future funding for ARAA activitiesMr. Henry Tumwijukye & Mrs. Christine Chuani


Research Administration capacity building in an “old” institution, Prof Aboud Muhsin – MUHAS

Developing an Office of Research Administration in a “New” InstitutionDr. Richard Brough & Mr. Tom Kakaire – IDI

Research Administration – A perspective from an Institutional Research Dean, Dr. Charles Ibingira


Dinner, Keynote at Country Lake Shore Resort, Dr. Steve Reynolds


Friday, November 5, 2010

Breakfast and Networking

Day 2 Recap/Highlights, Mr. Peter Kiwanuka

Mapping out future years of ARAA, Mr. Henry Tumwijukye


Presentations from 2010 IEARDA recipients

JCRC IEARDA Program/ORPMr. Nelson Kakande- JCRC,

IEARDA – UoN, Dr. James Machoki

Presentations from new member institutions

Butare University Teaching Hospital, Jules Ndoli, MD

National Referral Center on HIV/AIDS in Burundi “CNR”

Dr. Evelyne Baramperany

Selection of 2011 host institution- MUHAS-Tanzania, Mr. Ahaz Kulanga

LUNCH and closing remarks, Dr. Sam Okware

IEARDA Group session, only by invitation

Meeting Evaluation

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