Management Structure

ARAA provides Research Administrators a forum for learning and sharing best practices. The leadership of ARAA is meant to be in line with the mission. Activities for the leadership  include but not be limited to:

  1. Assessing the environment for collaboration
  2. Defining shared values
  3. Engaging Research Administrators in the development of ARAA
  4. Developing the synergy of people through cross training to accomplish more in the research enterprise.
  5. Committing to the development of Research Administrators as key assets through mentoring.

ARAA has a ground up model collaborative leadership. This type of leadership focuses on the experiences of practice, promotes a spirit of collective learning, understanding, and accountability.  ARAA current leadership is in the form of committees. The core of leadership rests on the membership. Subcommittees run various development projects, a steering committee made up of leaders of subcommittees run the ARAA business and an Advisory Board made up of research leaders in institutions in Africa provide oversight of the ARAA.

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